(This post was originally published on my personal blog Sabra At Heart Sept 19, 2007)

I just came across a post today by Ayelet Noff of Blonde2.0 where she shares a fascinating article written by Yarden, a Medical Doctor specializing in Psychiatry characterizing the users of the Web2.0 /User Generated Content (UGC) generation.

And he nails the characterization of the users on the spot!

;……..Therefore what we find ourselves with is a full generation of  “little narcissists” who have been educated to think that their personal success is connected mainly to what other people in their surrounding think about them. And then we bring in the internet. On the Web, any average narcissist can find what he’s looking for: A few success stories of people who have become “famous” on the internet based on having thousands of friends on all the different networks, and the possibility for receiving constant, immediate, and limitless feedback is continued. From that moment on, every narcissist presents “his stuff” to the public without limitation of privacy out of hope for receiving acceptance and reassurance. Interpersonal relations continue to exist but turn into something less meaningful while the hope to “be discovered” becomes much more meaningful. In essence, the narcissist can now redefine himself, based on the response of others.