This morning, like every morning, I spend my morning commute catching up on my daily reading.  My nokia E71i is not just my phone but my mini computer. I downloaded Snaptu to the phone and have been blessed with the ability to read my Google RSS reader on my phone.

But I digress.

I opened up the  New York Times mobile website and came across an article titled “ Boneless Wings, the Cheaper Bite” and re-read the title three times to make sure it wasnt the lack of caffeine that had me confused.

It had nothing to do with my lack of coffee and everything to do with rebranding chicken cutlets/nuggets/schnitzel.

Seems to be that the chicken market in the United States has changed over the past year so. Previously chicken wings were  the cheaper part of the chicken but now due to the economy, less wholesalers are buying chicken breasts (the healthier and more expensive part of the chicken) while the needs for wings have stayed steady. People are eating out less and less but the perceived notion is that a couple of beers and a plate of wings is not an expensive night out.

And so… the chicken industry has dropped the chicken breast prices while increasing the chicken wing prices in the wholesale market. The supermarket industry has kept the chicken prices pretty much the same but with aggressive sales on chicken breasts.

Establishments are trying to figure out a way to keep up with the customer’s need to eat wings but at a cheaper price and have come up with, get this,  Boneless Chicken Wings. What they have done is re-branded what we call schnitzel or chicken nuggets. What an ingenious idea mr. marketer, call a chicken breast covered in a sauce or breaded and fried  a “boneless chicken wing”. Except that once the patron bits into it the gig will be up. I mean, a boneless chicken wing cannot compare to the juicy fatty wing flavor.

This is one re-branding effort I am going to keep my eye on.

(Flickr Image courtesy of disneymike)