The folks in my twitter feed are all about spreading the link love . As I continue to look for more people to add to my feed, I  search for folks on twitter who are  not only involved to a degree in the high-tech industry, but folks who shared interesting blog posts, articles, studies, reports, etc in their twitter stream.

Twitter is my passive way to come across new, interesting and not always relevant content.  I cant emphasize how much I have learned from articles and blog posts that I have read that were all shared through link love. stop noise

Yet what I noticed recently is that a lot of folks have started importing multiple blog feeds (not their blogs)  into their twitter account and publish it using an automated platform.

I am not sure if the reason behind the RSS import into twitter is to really share with their readers new and interesting content,  “show off” that they know whats going on or maybe its just a way for them to raise their profiles on sites that rank twitter status and influence.  At least publish links to random & obscure blogs and not from the blogs that everyone and their mother reads on a daily basis.

This kind of behavior really aggravates me- I started following this person because I was truly interested in what they were tweeting about before they started importing blog feeds into their twitter stream.  Now my stream is filled with their imported RSS stream.

But at the end of the day  I am looking for new and interesting content, not the “same old” and what I really want, is *your* take on why you are sharing this link with me. I follow the folks in my feed for a reason – and its not to hear more regurgitation but to hear personal insight.  Share the personal insight – I crave the personal insight.


Bring on the link love and leave behind the automated RSS  in the twitter stream.