How often do you come across a poignant line in an article, blog or status update on the web that you wish you could “favorite” or save? How about a piece of information that is relevant to your business and you want to keep tabs on this piece of information?

How can we save all the relevant bits of information that we come across every day in a methodical manner?


I remember coming across Evernote when it first debuted and I signed up for an account. I remember poking around inside the platform and felt very confused by it. Maybe it was just too advanced for me at that moment.

Recently I decided to try playing with Evernote again. I come across a lot of pertinent information throughout my day online and I needed a better way to save and manage all these bits of information.

Evernote has an extension on Firefox and a platform you download to your computer. The extension allows you to save bits and pieces or entire pages and include the links from that page into the platform.You can either highlight the bits of info you want to save or just click the Evernote icon on the tool bar and voila! a note is created. You then head over to the desktop platform and edit the title, add key tag words for easy retrieval.

This desktop platform is my resource center.  My own personal resource center with information about anything and everything I find interesting on the web that I want to save.

After a few days of using Evernote I called my father and told him I was using the best resource for him ever and he laughed when I told him about Evernote. He has been using the platform for a while now.  Now if I ever met someone who needed to use Evernote, it would be my dad.  I wonder how long before he cant use the free platform anymore and has to move to the premium platform (which allows for an unlimited amount of data to be saved).

Its nice to share a love for a platform with my Dad.  He might not be into Twitter and social medial but the man knows whats going on.  He taught me about Skype (thats another post for a later date) back in 1999.

By the way .. did you make a connection between the logo and the service Evernote provides? An elephant never forgets……..