A few weeks ago I attended the Woman ThinkNext event hosted by Microsoft Israel. An event geared towards women is typically not my type of event. First off, to enter a room filled with just women remind me of my all girl high school days and makes my skin itch.  And  I do not like to attend gender based events because you and I know that there are no “Men ThinkNext” events. Or any industry related events “just for men”.  That would be called sexist and no one would stand for that.

But for women, “we” need it.

You know what I need ?  I need a female mentor. I have male (business) mentors in my life (my former boss Herb Zlotogorski is one, my father is another) but I am sorely lacking any female mentors in my life.

and here is the single reason why I loved the Microsoft event, I got to meet Dina Dublon . One of the most impressive women I have met in person.

Want to be inspired? Just watch the speech she gave at the event.

More women need to reach out and become mentors to others. I know I would love to some day reach a point in my career where I could mentor others.