Excerpt from the King Fish Media report: Social Media Usage, Attitudes and Measurability: What Do Marketers Think?

“The responsibility for creating and maintaining social media falls mainly on the marketing department and in most cases it is an addition an existing job, not a dedicated job function. Only a small minority of companies are outsourcing their social media efforts as they are mostly done internally. When they do outsource it, a freelancer or agency is the likely candidate. ”

Did you know that according to this study, only *9%* of companies have a dedicated full time person working on the company’s social media strategy and activity?

So let me get this straight –  the objective of using social media platforms  (according to this study) is to focus on the relationships  of current customers and lead generation.

Yet only 9% of companies have a dedicated internal person working on strategy and implementation full time? Companies fail to understand that social media implies hiring a web schmoozer who understands the technology, brand and corporate goals. This is not a one way street where you shout out your company message all over the web. These activities mean engagement.  Dialogue. Two way street. You cannot spend 2 hours a day and expect effective relationship building.

I would recommend internal, external and all the “social media guru’s” out there to take a look at this study. Read it.

Please understand that there are people out there that truly understand the power of Social Media and can work with the internal individuals so that their activity is that much more effective with an ROI. But you must be very selective and ignore “buzz” words.

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