I think that this is an important watch for both parents and future parents growing up in our generation.

As an adult with ADD – I can really relate to this video. I have always stated (unscientifically) that we could probably trace the increase of ADD in my generation to Sesame Street.

Sesame Street was  the first TV show I watched – and it was geared to attract my attention for brief periods of  time and then jump onto another topic keeping me highly engaged.

My main issue with Sesame Street is  that it was my first educational setting and it instilled within me a need for short bursts of information and a hyper stimulated experience to keep me engaged.

This video just emphasizes the enormous divide between student and educator. Educators are not trained to deal with overly stimulated children and  children need to be medicated to focus. Medicated during their formative learning years- does this frighten you like it does me?

Watch. Please.