This morning I was discussing my frustrations with Facebook and Google+ with a friend. Most of my frustrations with Facebook (and who yet knows about Google+) is that it is the same articles, statuses, and posts are regurgitated over and over again. There is a “herd” mentality on FB.

His next question was – doesnt Twitter have the same issues as Facebook (same content appearing over and over) and my answer was – not in my feed.

My Twitter feed is made up of so many different people from all over the world who are interested in a huge variety of topics. I purposefully chose not to just follow people in the high-tech scene. I wanted variety .. I wanted to learn new things and this was the forum do just that.

And the most astonishing conclusion I came to this morning was: I do not have the email addresses for the people who I consider most interesting on the web.

And this is why Facebook and Google+ will never satisfy my needs. I want to connect to strangers, not people I know.