This past week Eitan and I went to a reunion for his army unit. This reunion was not just for the folks that served with Eitan but for all members of that unit.

This meant you had much older men (and women) mingling with the younger generation. There were a few familiar faces from the start up world in attendance. I was there because spouses were invited to join.

Just to give you some background – I know almost nothing about Eitan’s army service because, well, those are the rules. So I couldn’t really “chit chat” with the folks at the reunion. I had so many questions but I knew the rules. Do not ask. So I just made up stories in my head as I watched the folks connect with old army buddies.

As we were about to leave the event – an older gentleman I have now nicknamed Sabra Saba asked us the time. We started to chat and he quickly added that if we were walking to the bus, he was going to join us.

So here we were walking around a neighborhood I was not at all familiar with and chitchatting with this lovely older man. He’s the kind of man you want as your Saba. So we started sharing a bit about our life stories. Mine as an olah. His as a 4th generation Israeli.

My jaw dropped to the ground. I have a fascination with the older generation. They were the pioneers of this country. When there was no industry, no farmable land, no agriculture, they came here and build. And I get to walk around this modern country and meet the very individuals who’s blood, sweat and tears built this country I call my home.

So when he said he was a 4th generation Israeli I immediately asked – so how does it feel to look around you and see how far Israel has come. He laughed and said we are not done just yet. I laughed and said that is true- that is why I came. To continue to build upon what his generation started. Because he is right, we are a long way from being done.

Then he shared the ultimate kicker – he was not only 4th generation Israeli, but 4th generation from Rechovot. His great-grandfather came here from Russia and is one of the three founders of Rechovot.


And I just wanted to keep asking him questions and hear his stories. I bet that Sabra Sabba has a lot of amazing stories that this zionist is dying to hear.

I hope we get to spend more time with Sabra Sabba. I am sure we have much to learn from him.