If you use Google Analytics like I do, you might have noticed an increase in <not provided> keyword search results in the past y ear. It has infuriated/frustrated me that I could not figure out what these keyword search results were. Google made a change to make searching more secure back in November 2011 – and that means that when users search for phrases on  https://www.google.com,  then I do not see the keywords/phrases they used to reach my site.

It is interesting to note that in my new company, our results have a much higher number of viewers who are securely searching than in my previous company.

I came across a Google analytics hack and I cannot wait to see the results in the next 24 hours. Yes, I am writing about a hack that has yet to provide me with results but I am just too excited to keep this to myself.

Avinash Kaushik has a fantastic step by step blogpost (even with pictures) to help you understand the hack.

Keep your fingers crossed, I really hope this works!