Yesterday I spoke at MEGAComm 2011 and shared with the audience the presentation below.  The most important point I need to stress is that using twitter to generate leads is not for every organization in every industry.


I think that this is an important watch for both parents and future parents growing up in our generation.

As an adult with ADD – I can really relate to this video. I have always stated (unscientifically) that we could probably trace the increase of ADD in my generation to Sesame Street.

Sesame Street was  the first TV show I watched – and it was geared to attract my attention for brief periods of  time and then jump onto another topic keeping me highly engaged.

My main issue with Sesame Street is  that it was my first educational setting and it instilled within me a need for short bursts of information and a hyper stimulated experience to keep me engaged.

This video just emphasizes the enormous divide between student and educator. Educators are not trained to deal with overly stimulated children and  children need to be medicated to focus. Medicated during their formative learning years- does this frighten you like it does me?

Watch. Please.

Excerpt from the King Fish Media report: Social Media Usage, Attitudes and Measurability: What Do Marketers Think?

“The responsibility for creating and maintaining social media falls mainly on the marketing department and in most cases it is an addition an existing job, not a dedicated job function. Only a small minority of companies are outsourcing their social media efforts as they are mostly done internally. When they do outsource it, a freelancer or agency is the likely candidate. ”

Did you know that according to this study, only *9%* of companies have a dedicated full time person working on the company’s social media strategy and activity?

So let me get this straight –  the objective of using social media platforms  (according to this study) is to focus on the relationships  of current customers and lead generation.

Yet only 9% of companies have a dedicated internal person working on strategy and implementation full time? Companies fail to understand that social media implies hiring a web schmoozer who understands the technology, brand and corporate goals. This is not a one way street where you shout out your company message all over the web. These activities mean engagement.  Dialogue. Two way street. You cannot spend 2 hours a day and expect effective relationship building.

I would recommend internal, external and all the “social media guru’s” out there to take a look at this study. Read it.

Please understand that there are people out there that truly understand the power of Social Media and can work with the internal individuals so that their activity is that much more effective with an ROI. But you must be very selective and ignore “buzz” words.

To read the full report you need to register here

Influence and Passivity in Social Media

hat tip to  Christina Cacioppo from Kidogo

Last week I was looking over my LinkedIn connections and decided maybe it was time to synch it with my google email account and make sure all my email contacts were also LinkedIn connections.

And here is where the snafu began.

Gmail considers anyone  you have ever sent an email to a contact.  Do you have any idea how many emails I have sent out in the span in my gmail account’s lifespan? A *lot*.

And so now I have over 100 new contacts – some I will keep, but most I will purge.  If I dont really know you professionally speaking, it does me no good to be linked to you on LinkedIn.

But now I no longer wonder why I have been invited by random folks to connect to them on LinkedIn.

On a side note – here is a fantastic post about SEO and your LinkedIn profile from SEOmoz

I just read a fascinating report written by my friend Maayan Roth and her co-workers at Google.

The report discusses the implicit social graph formed by user’s interactions w/ contacts and groups of contacts.

Abstract of the Report:

Although users of online communication tools rarely categorize their contacts into groups such as “family”, “co-workers”, or “jogging buddies”, they nonetheless implicitly cluster contacts, by virtue of their interactions with them, forming implicit groups. In this paper, we describe the implicit social graph which is formed by users’ interactions with contacts and groups of contacts, and which is distinct from explicit social graphs in which users explicitly add other individuals as their “friends”. We introduce an interaction-based metric for estimating a user’s affinity to his contacts and groups. We then describe a novel friend suggestion algorithm that uses a user’s implicit social graph to generate a friend group, given a small seed set of contacts which the user has already labeled as friends. We show experimental results that demonstrate the importance of both implicit group relationships and interaction-based affinity ranking in suggesting friends. Finally, we discuss two applications of the Friend Suggest algorithm that have been released as Gmail Labs features.

I encourage you to head over to Google and read the entire report here

A few weeks ago I attended the Woman ThinkNext event hosted by Microsoft Israel. An event geared towards women is typically not my type of event. First off, to enter a room filled with just women remind me of my all girl high school days and makes my skin itch.  And  I do not like to attend gender based events because you and I know that there are no “Men ThinkNext” events. Or any industry related events “just for men”.  That would be called sexist and no one would stand for that.

But for women, “we” need it.

You know what I need ?  I need a female mentor. I have male (business) mentors in my life (my former boss Herb Zlotogorski is one, my father is another) but I am sorely lacking any female mentors in my life.

and here is the single reason why I loved the Microsoft event, I got to meet Dina Dublon . One of the most impressive women I have met in person.

Want to be inspired? Just watch the speech she gave at the event.

More women need to reach out and become mentors to others. I know I would love to some day reach a point in my career where I could mentor others.

The latest Mary Meeker Internet trend report is out.  Mobile sector is growing but I wonder how it compares to the Asian mobile market.

This video is a spoof of “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. I absolutely love this song (it is my ringtone).

Hat tip to Brad Feld who tweeted it.

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